Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Syser Kernel Debugger & Syser Win32 Debugger

Syser Debugger

Syser Kernel Debugger is designed for Windows NT Family based on X86 platform. It is a kernel debugger with full-graphical interfaces and supports assembly debugging and source code debugging.
Softice is left. Syser will continue.

1. Supports multi-CPU and Intel Hyper-Threaded processors
2. Supports Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows xp,Windows 2003 or Windows Vista operation system
3. Supports VMWare and Virtual PC
4. Source code debugging supports syntax coloring.
5. Supports color disassembly
6. Commands are Softice-compatible

Syser Kernel Debugger

(full-graphical SoftIce)

Trace windows driver

with source code

Syser Kernel Debugger

In VMWare 5.5

Syser Kernel Debugger

In Virtual 2007

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